Cam’ron Broke The Horn

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman' 15 with what is left of the Horn door

Horn Leader Rebecca Saltzman’ 15 with what is left of The Horn door. Photo credit: Charlie Collison’ 15

It will be news to only those living under the Beta rock or seriously hibernating in the library basement that Kenyon was visited by the illustrious Cam’ron this past weekend. Killa Cam was slated to perform at The Horn at 9:00pm. No opener…because, well, he probably just didn’t want one. I am fairly certain that every Kenyon student– past, present, and future were gathered outside of The Horn anxiously and pretty vocally awaiting any news of Cam’ron.

I was among the mob of Cam’ron lovin folk, and lemme tell you…I know Kenyon differently now. The air was crisp with frost but I felt none of it thanks to the body heat of hundreds of Cam’ron fans. Shout out to my new first year friends who were packed so closely around me that I never once, during the hour awaiting Cam’ron or the 7 minutes he actually performed had to support my own body weight. Cam’ron was late, which none of us should have been surprised by. However, while waiting, I was privy to some daringly outrageous theories about what was cooking behind the scenes. A whisper campaign was started that maybe Cam’ron was just a cover and that Jay Z was Gambier bound. I also heard that Cam’ron was set to do a Q and A post-concert, answering pertinent questions such as “you drink?” “Me too.” A lot of ideas were floated. If we want to be factual it seems that Killa Cam was actually just getting some dinner in Mt. Vern.  A lot of alliances were made and broken.

At around 10:35pm Cam’ron made it on the scene. The crowd began to stir at the first hint of his arrival. Before I knew it, the mob was in motion. The Horn doors were opened and everyone waiting outside jammed themselves through the door. All of the sudden I heard a crack, like a divine thunder. But it wasn’t divine. It was the door of The Horn being knocked off its hinges as we all lunged toward Cam’ron with all we had. On behalf of everyone I would like to say, we’re sorry, Horn door. We shouldn’t have played you like that. You didn’t deserve it. Whew. I’m glad that apologies are out of the way. Now all that is left to ponder is the significant question, which Mount Vernon eating establishment did Cam’ron chose?

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  1. The Horn would like to thank the phenomenal on-call maintenance crew for fixing the door immediately after the show! they are amazing! and campus safety!

    thank you for partying come again soon :)

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