Alumnus or Steve Buscemi? You Decide!

…And he’s in Sunset Cottage too.

After having one class every Tuesday and Thursday of this semester in the Sunset Cottage Seminar Room, I came to a somewhat disturbing realization one day as I surveyed the photos on the wall. Forget French poetry man, Steve Buscemi was literally right behind me in a 10×12. Upon closer examination, I found a caption claiming that the man in the photo was actually an alumnus. Psh. Unlikely. What’s more likely is that Sunset Cottage not only houses a framed picture of Steve Buscemi, but also the remaining members of the Illuminati. This could be some National Treasure level shit, bro–but that’s just me. You decide below. 

steve buschemi or alum

Less hair, same face.

photo (2)

The purported identity of the man pictured.

Thoughts? Tell us in the comments!

2 responses

  1. Jfc guys I know you’re joking around but that’s William Gass, who just happens to be the greatest writer kenyon has ever produced.

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