10 o’clock list: 5 Ways Peircegiving is So Much Better Than My Actual Thanksgiving


I woke up this morning with butterflies. The bright white snow was glaring through my window and I knew that today was unlike all other days. Today is Peircegiving. As a senior I have gone through many phases with this beautiful Kenyon holiday. As a First-year I was frightened, as a Sophomore I was jaded and as a Junior I was appreciative yet relatively unenthusiastic. This year is different. This year is my last year and I can finally recognize what I have known subliminally all along…Peircegiving is incredible and it is undeniably better than my actual family Thanksgiving experience. Here’s why. 

  1. There is none of that family baggage: Families are great. I love my wonderful parents and brother ( I would give them a shout-out but they have long ago stopped supporting my illustrious Thrill career in favor of supporting writers they deem more hilarious). Back to the point though, Peiregiving is a time to be thankful and to laugh and love with your friends who don’t keep asking you what your post-grad plans are.
  2. The lines: I know this may seem a bit odd, but I have come to appreciate the Peircegiving line mania. There is nothing like a three hour wait where you are forced to see absolutely everyone that has ever attended Kenyon to make you truly appreciate your food. Patience is a virtue or something.
  3. The complete pandemonium: I love the Peircegiving chaos. It makes me feel alive. The urgency is invigorating and a times frightening. The emotional chaos of my family’s Thanksgiving pales in comparison to the actual physical and mental endurance that Peircegiving requires.
  4. New Side and Old Side: Sometimes I forget the true beauty of Peirce. I know I sound like a nostalgic Senior, which I am, but Peirce is a stunning building and we are lucky to get to eat there. My family’s Thanksgiving does not have stained glass windows and that makes me sad and angry.
  5. The food: A lot of it’s local. The cakes sometimes have turkey decorations. There is bountiful supply. Thank you Peirce. The end.

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