Have a Freaky Break!

(via fitocracy.com and  my even madder editing skills)

(via fitocracy.com and my even madder editing skills)

Hey y’all!

Getting Freaky is taking a brief hiatus to enjoy the only holiday centered around food consumption. I just can’t think about sex while burping up chunks of Mom’s homemade stuffing. (Try to get that gross image out of your head. Actually, I’ll save you the trouble– you won’t be able to. I’ll be hanging out in your brain for at least another hour.)

While we’re all away on holiday break, why not shoot some questions at thekenyonthrill@gmail.com? Anonymity can be preserved by logging in to gettingfreakythrill@gmail.com with the password “thethrill”. I promise I’ll get to any and all questions after break!

Can’t think of a topic? That’s totally fine! I thought up a couple of ’em and put together a nifty little poll for you. The most popular topics will be addressed on the site.

Keep it freaky, kids. xx

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