From the Archives: Having a Bit of Fun


December 9, 1982

Today, rather than present one article, we would like to present a collection of short, but interesting, snippets from the Collegian throughout the years. Included below are news briefs ranging in topic from a visit by General Westmoreland to a student injured while cleaning a gun.


General William Westmoreland will speak in Rosse Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 7:30pm. General Westmoreland was the Supreme Commander of the U.S. Forces during the Vietnam War. More recently, he was in the public eye when he sued CBS for libel concerning an hour news segment which accused him of lying to former President Lyndon Johnson. The lecture is co-sponsored by Faculty and Student Lectureships.
November 21, 1985


Following the Senior Play given Nov. 20, an informal dancing party was given in Rosse Hall by the men of 1910, for the pleasure of the many visitors who had returned to Gambier to witness the Wooster game. Jackson’s orchestra of Columbus were engaged which is proof of an excellent program of numbers, and the informal was most heartily enjoyed by all.

December 7, 1909


Tuesday night, soon after midnight, Charles Freiburger, of Grosse Point, Michigan, a freshman at Kenyon College, accidentally wounded himselg while cleaning a target pistol. The bullet penetrated the tip of the lung

Freiburger was taken at once by fellow students to Mercy Hospital where he was attended by Dr. John C. Drake. The wound was not serious and Freiberger will be back at his studies within a very few days.

November 17, 1938


President Lund attended the consecration of the Right Rev. Arthur Lichtenberger, Kenyon graduate and Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Churc, as Presiding Bishop of the Washington Cathedral in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, January 14. Dr. Lund participated in the procession as a representative of the College at this event which received national television coverage.

January 16, 1959


Dr. Reeves Speaks at Meeting at Which Nu Pi Kappa is Present

Philo held a smoker on the evening of November 15, at which Nu Pi Kappa were the guests. Many faculty members of both societies were present, and Dr. Reeves gave an interesting talk on the influence of Anglo-Saxon on modern English thought.

After a paper on India by A.R. McKechnie, ’17, of Philo, the meeting became informal and refreshments were served.

December 6, 1916




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