Information on Ferguson, MO



As mentioned in the Monday Catchup, the grand jury reviewing the case of Darren Wilson, the police officer who fatally shot teenager Michael Brown this summer, declined to indict him. This news was widely reported, as was the coverage of the resulting protests and riots, with voices from around the world chiming in on both the events and what they mean for the state of American society. The topic of Ferguson, particularly in the discourse of race relations, is extremely sensitive, to the point of being painful; nonetheless it is critically, vitally imperative that we do not turn away from painful topics just because they hurt. Dialogue about Ferguson, MO is not only globally relevant but also immediately imperative.

The Kenyon Thrill supports informed discourse. Below are links with information about the events in Ferguson.

New York Times: Q&A What Happened in Ferguson?

Washington Post: What we know about what happened in Ferguson

AP: Testimony and evidence presented to the grand jury

NPR: Ferguson Documents: How the Grand Jury Reached a Decision

If you would like to share other articles, please post them below in the comments. Thank you.

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