Getting Freaky, Volume IX



Whether you’ve just begun your journey into freakitude or you began it long ago, The Thrill is here to help you improve your safe, consensual sexy sex times by answering your most burning questions. Have a question about x-rated materials? Send us an e-mail at with the subject line Sex Q and we’ll answer it in our next edition. Feeling embarrassed? Not to worry– we’ve set up a Gmail account to allow for anonymous questions. The username is “gettingfreakythrill” and the password is “thethrill”. Log in and shoot us an email, and your question may be featured on the blog!

Welcome back, nerds! You guys voted, and I listened. After the jump: girly orgasms, grooming and more!

Q: I have girl parts. How the hell do I orgasm?

People with vaginas tend to have more trouble achieving orgasm — all the sensitive bits down there are hidden behind weird folds and hair and God knows what else. If you’ve been trying to orgasm through penetration, it’s likely going to be extra difficult. Only a third of women can have an orgasm from penetrative intercourse without extra stimulation. Another third can have an orgasm as long as extra tickling is involved, and the final third can achieve orgasm elsewhere or can’t achieve it at all. (Anorgasmia, as it’s called, is more common among women than men.) What’s more, women experience orgasms in vastly different ways! Some can feel their muscles contracting, some feel no physical response but experience euphoria, some feel calm and relaxed after what may have been a “sexual peak”… the list goes on and on. If you’re one of the many women who think they’ve never had an orgasm, chances are you’ve experienced behavior related to climax but haven’t identified it as such.

Feeling like you need extra help to get yourself to your sexual peak? Start exploring your own body! Look up some anatomical diagrams, find your clitoris, mess around, et cetera. Tell your partner you’d like to start incorporating different types of stimulation during sex. Oh, and a note for partners — don’t get frustrated with yourselves if you can’t bring your vagina-laden friend to cum, and don’t pressure them to do so, either. Do some exploring with them. Even if an orgasm doesn’t happen, you’re almost guaranteed to have fun trying.

Q: How do I keep my sensitive areas clean?

Soap and warm water, friend. Don’t get fancy — you could hurt yourself.

In terms of body hair, your opinion is the only one that matters. Pubic hair tends to retain odor more easily than shaved skin, but regular, thorough washings should knock that problem out. It’s okay for you or your partner to express a preference, but neither party should expect the other to adhere to it. Figure out what makes you comfortable and stick to it.

Q: How are you holding up, mystery columnist?

I’m tired, dude. More thorough answers are in the works for next week.

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