10 o’clock list: 5 Names that Would Have Been Better than Beyond Therapy… by Beyond Therapy

thinking about it

thinking about it

This week, our 10 o’clock list is brought to you by Beyond Therapy, Kenyon’s sketch comedy group. They’re very busy getting ready for their winter show this weekend (Friday at 8 and Saturday at 7:30 in the Black Box!) but some members took a little time to come up with a list of names for their group that would have been better than Beyond Therapy. The show will be better.

  1. Beyong Therapy – Switching it up a little bit, keeping you on your toes, anythong goes. Whatever.
  2. Cowardly Turnip – No reference whatsoever to another group who uses the Black Box. Especially not one that we have a playful feud with :). Love you, Ambitious Tubers <3 <3
  3. SNL: Sorry No Lizards – A perfect way to trick more people into coming to our shows, while simultaneously announcing our reptile policy.
  4. Kokosing Chucklers – Fresh local laughs for you!! Haha!!
  5. Kenyon College Presents the Bad Bois of Comedy: Comedy Sad Bois – Featuring Gambier’s Goodtime Gals: Also Us.

Come see Club SadBoi this weekend!!!

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