What Your Peirce Dinner Says About You

All up in the kitchen in ma' heels, dinnahtime via vh1.com

All up in the kitchen in ma’ heels, dinnahtime
via vh1.com

Peirce. Unless you want to sell your soul to the Deli, you’ll likely eat dinner there several times a week. But the time at which you choose to brave the servery says more about you than you might realize…much more.

4:25, just before Extendo ends:

You are 65, or maybe a Hobbit. This is not dinner. This is *maybe* an afternoon snack. Yet every day there are people darting into the servery just as the AVI workers are closing the doors and return to the dining rooms with sandwiches, salads, cereal, and bagels. Do you eat later, too? I don’t understand. Help.

5:00, on the nose:

You’re from a city with a subway, and you really miss the experience of waiting for the train doors to open so you can squeeze out of a small area into a slightly smaller area for longer than you wish you needed to be. You therefore feel compelled to stand among other former city-dwellers, glommed together waiting for the moment when a frazzled AVI worker opens the servery. Then you can all make a mad dash for the most appealing foods before ANYONE ELSE, because survival of the fittest, or solidarity, or something.


You get hungry early but the 5:00 people kind of scare you.


You are a masochist, because although you have known since your first day on campus that 6:00 is the most popular dinner time, you refuse to switch to any other time. Perhaps you are territorial and really enjoy fighting over chairs in New Side. You may call yourself a social butterfly, but I suspect you might just be stubborn.


You are trying to avoid seeing someone you used to eat/have class/hook up with all the time and are hoping that sneaking into Peirce at an odd hour will allow you to conveniently “miss” them. For three weeks in a row.


Hot food is overrated. You really hate making decisions, so the minimal selection left after the 6:00 rush is comforting to you. You might also just really appreciate a well-crafted sandwich made from bread heels and scraps of turkey, and salads from bruised veggies that have seen too much of the salad tongs. It’s all good. The student abides, amirite?

7:45, right before the doors close:

You are forgetful, or very busy. Alternatively, you are one of the late-afternoon snack 4:25 people who has just realized that you have made a terrible mistake. Anyway, you eat a lot of odd-flavored bagels and cereal crumbs.

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