Blog Off: Kaye ’14 vs. Cohen-Smith ’14

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We like to stay pretty competitive here at The Thrill, and a Blog Off is one way we can definitively prove that one of us is objectively a better blogger (dare we say, a better person).  So we leave it to you, the reader, to decide in a blind taste test who is really better as we square off on various topics.

This week, we’re doing something that you’ve never seen before: We’re pitting two Thrill alums against each other: Spencer Kaye ’14 (former editor, budding politician and some-time curmudgeon) versus Sarah Morgan Cohen-Smith (wunderkind and former staff writer). The topic? You guessed it: we asked them what it’s like to be an alum visiting campus. After some tense trash-talking, they came, they saw and only you, the reader, can say who conquered…

Blog A:

I got to campus on Saturday afternoon, but it wasn’t until lunchtime Monday that I worked up the nerve to eat at  Peirce. See, some parts of being back just feel totally natural. For example, the smell in the stairwells of Old Kenyon has never changed.  But the idea of walking into the dining hall left me feeling totally confused and sort of vulnerable.  Sure,  I know kids who go here. I only just graduated. But honestly, I didn’t meet many of this year’s sophomores,  and a lot of juniors I know are abroad, and standing in the servery that first time I felt overwhelmed by how many of you I don’t know.

I honestly can’t say if that’s worse than running into someone I *do* know –  I am holding so many plates (back in my day, we had trays!) and I don’t have arms to hug you and oh now we have to catch up here by the infused water and I have to pretend I remember your area of study and I get to tell you all the things I’m not doing with my life!

Admittedly the vibes have gotten more chill over the past few days and I no longer fear Peirce (I do fear the library).  And yes – I stomp the shit out of the seal in the atrium.

Blog B:
People keep asking me what I’m doing back at Kenyon, and by people I mean the few people that knew me, the rest have no idea who I am. I originally came back to see a couple of people and get out as quick as possible. Life in the big city isn’t exactly as I had planned it, with growing dissatisfaction with the real world and being in-between jobs I thought I would come back. So I set out with a backpack and started the long drive to Kenyon. Kenyon was as I had left it, a beautiful place on top of a hill. Just as I had left it. I knew that being back was like being young forever, a fountain of youth.
That was until I ran into someone I didn’t know when I was here but they seemed really interesting nonetheless. My friend and I went for lunch at Wiggle Ground and he had to leave for class leaving us alone. We talked about classes we had taken and slowly got to know each other finding that we had more in common than I previously thought. Me and alum and [he/she] a Freshman, not as worlds apart as I thought.
After some pretty forward advances, we ended up deciding that our burgeoning relationship was inappropriate. Heartened by my experience over the last 24 hours I have decided to go back to the city for a more age-appropriate relationship and move on with my life.
What a weekend!

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