Peirce Date Revisited

Following up on our wildly successful feature, Peirce Dates, we are starting something new called “Peirce Date Revisited“. It’s exactly what it sounds like: we meet up with two people who went on a Peirce date and get them to tell us how their relationship has evolved since we first set them up. This time, we have Kip Pesses ’15 and Haley Acker ’15.
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1. How has the relationship been since the first date?

Kip: The relationship has been going quite well.  There’s still that undercurrent of electricity like back in the day.
Haley: How do I say this, Kip is really nice but totally delusional. Things fizzled out a month or so after our date. However, he keeps following me around everywhere and tells everyone I’m his girlfriend. I’d say stage 5 clinger on this one.

2. Where do you see this relationship going?
Kip: Ultimately, our relationship will be a classic – we’ll reconnect in 20 years when I’m putting together a photo essay on lighthouses across the eastern seaboard.
Haley: Our relationship, who knows. I’ve always been a sucker for sappy love stories (shout out to The Notebook. Why didn’t you check your OWN stupid mailbox, Allie!?), if Kip pulled off some wildly, romantic comeback, it just may be true love.
3. Who loves each other more?
Kip: I think most of our love is directed to the dog we’ll own together, Captain Beefheart.
Haley: Definitely him.
4. Is Peirce still the go-to date spot for you two?
Kip: Obviously Peirce is the go-to spot for a date – in a few years time, the kids on old side will look over at us and think, “what a beautiful love story,” and, “why are they still here?”
Haley: Peirce is definitely a go to date spot for us. And by that, [I mean that] I ALWAYS see Kip in Peirce. I’m pretty sure he just waits in Peirce for me to show up.
5. What’s your favorite part of the relationship now?
Kip: My favorite part of our relationship is definitely the home-made lunches.  Nothing beats a home-cooked meal.  Except for Peirce, of course.
Haley: My favorite part is by far Kip’s constant loyalty and love. Even if he’s a clinger and a bit crazy, all you need is love.
6. For real, how often do you all see each other? Do you say hello? Is it awkward? Do you whisper to your friends “I went on a Peirce Date with them”?

Kip: [In all honesty] we don’t really see each other that often, but of course we say hello, albeit in a somewhat awkward fashion.  I rarely whisper, but when I do it’s always about my Peirce date all those years ago.

Haley: For real though, I don’t see Kip that often these days. However, when we see each other we both crack a smile and say “Hey.” The only time it’s super awkward is when his Hello catches me off guard or if I’ve just jammed several cookies in my mouth, thus inhibiting me from responding with a proper greeting.

And I have told friends about my Peirce Date with Kip, only to receive snarky and jealous responses from them.

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