Places on Campus Where You Can Still Pull an All-Nighter

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It’s Monday of the week before finals week, which basically means that now is when everything starts to go to shit. That beautifully intricate and color-coded study schedule that you made for yourself is gathering dust on the floor somewhere, quickly becoming irrelevant. So now it’s crunch time. You walk into the deepest and darkest hole on campus, Gund Commons with all of your supplies, ready to hunker down for the foreseeable future. But wait, someone is rudely shaking you out of your hot cheeto crumb pile of focus. Gund is no longer open all night. Is there nowhere left on campus in which to pull a successful all-nighter? We have the answers for you after the jump.

  • Peirce: Thankfully the welcome doors of Peirce never seem to close. You can come in for breakfast on Thursday and wake up to the smell of newly cooked bacon on Friday. The Thrill recommends one of the upstairs rooms, like Bemis for that prime all-nighter environment. Gather your books and all the wits that are still intact and head to Peirce for that all-nighter action. The benefit to Peirce is that it is basically an all you can eat buffet so you won’t go hungry and there are many bathrooms to choose from.
  • Your Place of Residence: Your house/apartment/dorm room can be a great place to pull an all-nighter. It never shuts its doors and makes you leave…unless you have a roommate that wants to get a little frisky. The pros to studying in your home is that all of your treasured trinkets surround you, giving you that warm feeling of familiarity. The major con to this method is that your bed is very close. Do not, I repeat do not get into your bed to study. That is not a good idea. You will wake up the next morning with pen all over your face having accomplished absolutely  nothing. Beware of the bed.
  • Under/Inside the Horn Christmas Tree: So as you can probably deduce by now, the number of all-nighter options on campus are severely dwindling. This new K-card building access thing is great for our safety but bad for our finals stress. So, I’m trying to think a bit more outside the box. The christmas tree outside of the horn is beautiful. The christmas lights will create a festive vibe for your studies. So climb on inside that tree and get to studying.

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