BREAKING NEWS: PEEPS leave Greek Council

The co-ed society, PEEPS O’Kenyon, commonly known as the PEEPS, have left the Kenyon College Greek Council.

The idea of leaving Greek Council had already been broached by the group earlier this year, as reported in the CollegianIn an e-mail to the Collegian, PEEPS co-president Alivia Bloch ’15 explained that “last night we voted and unanimously decided to leave. We are confident that this is the right decision, both for us and for Greek Council”

The Thrill will have continuing coverage of this story as it develops and more information will be included in this week’s edition of the Collegian.


14 responses

  1. NONE of the people pictured here had ANYTHING to do the the Peeps’ decision, though I suppose we are all broadly responsible.

    Fun looking bunch, right?


    Joe Gioia ’77

  2. So, according to the other article, this would mean no more Peeps Division. Are there any other consequences to speak of?

    Speaking as someone who always thought the historic dorms were basically just Mather South in terms of quality of life, it seems like a small price to pay if that’s all. But maybe there’s more.

    My read on the Peeps, BackInMyDay™, was that they were mostly just regular folks, salted liberally with assholes–or, in other words, demographically identical to pretty much any other good-sized student organization. Their fatal flaw seemed to be that they were still defining themselves in terms of their supposed rebelliousness, but at the time, Kenyon gave them fuck all to properly rebel against, especially since they weren’t really in a social-justice phase at the time. So sneering at The Man in the form of the security guy doing his end-of-party rounds was about the extent of it.

    But if they’re noticeably less fratty these days, then good for them for saying so, especially if it isn’t a purely symbolic thing.

    • Division housing has nothing to do with being on Greek Council. According to the legislation, any group that has historically had division housing or has had theme housing for five years is eligible for division housing.

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