How to Be a Person: Using the New Printers

Introducing your new best friend

For those of you who are not readers of student-infos or patrons of our fair library, Olin and Chalmers Library is now home to three new printers. That’s right, you read that correctly: shiny new printers that are easy to use and won’t jam are the way of the future at Kenyon. Currently the library is home to three test printers, one across from the Circ desk, one behind Helpline, and one on the third floor near the periodicals–but all the old Canon printers will be replaced by the new Ricoh models come this January.

While new technology can be exciting, it is also intimidating; read on for instructions for these new machines.

The most important thing to remember with these new printers is that no longer will you have to worry about printing to a specific printer, no more will you have to juggle Cha2Pr1 with Cha3Pr1 and Gun1Pr2. We have entered the world of network printing. When you send a print job from your computer to the new PublicPrint queue, your document will be accessible for printing at any of the public Ricoh printers around campus.

Syncing your computer with the PublicPrint queue is quite easy. Mac users should follow these instructions while Windows users should use this setup process.

Once your computer is connected to PublicPrint, you can print to the network by selecting the printer with the word COLORADO in the name. Once you select that as a printer and hit that print button, you have two hours to print that document from any of the new printers.

In that two hour window, you can go to any of the Ricoh printers on campus, tap your K-Card in the appropriate place (or login with your Kenyon e-mail and password, check out this video for info on releasing your print jobs) and displayed before you will be your recent printed documents. Select the ones you want, and voila! In just a few short moments those documents will be printed.

No longer will you have to rush to the printer before your document gets lost among the readings for Quest, no longer will you have to dig through piles of papers to retrieve the one that is yours. No longer will you have to wait in line! That’s right folks–if some joker is printing out 200 pages, just pick up and go to any other Ricoh printer.

Welcome to a new age of public printing at Kenyon! The dark ages of jammed printers and piles and piles of wasted paper are over. The new printers are efficient, both in terms of saving paper (no more forgetting that you printed out 50 pages and then doing it again), and in terms of your time (don’t wait! Go to any printer!).

And of course don’t forget that these new printers can still scan and copy just like the old ones. Check out how to scan and copy.

If you have any questions, check out the Helpline printer FAQ, call the desk at x5700, shoot ’em an e-mail at, or stop by the desk!

6 responses

  1. 1) They do not allow you to cancel or pause jobs once they start printing. This could waste even more paper because if someone sees that something is wrong after printing has begun, such as things not being double-sided, it is not possible to stop that job.
    2) They are not set to automatically print double-sided, which definitely wastes more paper. In the past, printer preferences in the library were set so that the default would be to print double-sided, but this is not true with the new printer that replaced cha1pr1. Since students are either not used to checking whether something will print double-sided in the library or will not bother to check, this uses twice the amount of paper than was formerly used on at least that specific printer.
    3) The new printers do not staple things.
    4) The new printers do not collate things.
    5) In at least the case of the printer that replaced cha1pr1, it seems to be unable to print in color double-sided.

    • 1. Yes they do! While printing, select “Use Device Functions” then “Printer” from the left side. From there you can see all of the jobs queued to print. Still unsure? Come by Helpline!
      2. They should, and if they don’t, let Helpline know which lab computers are not defaulting to double-sided. We would be glad to fix the problem. We can even make sure your personal computer defaults to double-sided printing (which it should by default).
      3. We decided to turn off the stapling function due to the high costs of high-capacity staples that the printers use (especially since they often weren’t being used for print jobs that require such high-capacity staples). As someone paying his own tuition, saving the College money is important to me. Fret not though, we will be placing normal-capacity staplers by each of the printers soon (which costs far less money).
      4. They can and do collate multiple documents when you select that option. However, since each person will be at the printer when they release their print job, not selecting this option is far from detrimental. There will no longer be a stack of wasted print jobs to dig through as there used to be.
      5. Please, please let Helpline know. We can help!

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