Klexicon Entry: J is for Jaywalking

via condenaststore.com

Let’s be honest – we’ve all done it. Underneath the flawless facade that Kenyon cultivates and keeps, we’re all little rule breakers.  The crosswalk is only a short distance away, but it’s just so much easier to cross here, right in the middle of the road. It’s technically illegal, but in a little place like Gambier, it doesn’t really matter. People jaywalk in even busier places like New York City or Los Angeles, so cutting a corner on Gaskin Avenue every once isn’t really that bad.

Jaywalk (jay-walk) v. to cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic

Kenyon Kontext: “Guys, we shouldn’t jaywalk.  It’s not safe.”    “Shut up, Nate. This is Gambier.”


Note: We here at the Thrill do not condone any kind of rule breaking.  It could get you killed, or worse, expelled!

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