On Topic, Off Topic: Crunch Time


(via buzzfeed.com)

On Topic: Finals – There’s little doubt that when it comes to schoolwork, it’s crunch time. Finals are just around the corner, and this week-long “grace period” seems to be anything but.The trifecta of papers, exams and final projects always seems like a never-ending uphill trek. It’s impressive if you don’t feel like the person in the drawing above at some point in the next few days.

Off Topic: The Holidays – The holidays are quickly approaching too, and with finals, they can be easy to forget about. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering why you waited until it’s too late to ship things from Amazon to think about what gift you want to get for your cousin in this year’s gift exchange. Then, sure enough, you find yourself in Walgreens debating whether to go with one of those cheap t-shirts for whatever city you are from or one of those cards that makes noise when you open it. Don’t be that person. The holidays will be here soon enough, plan accordingly.


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