Finals PSA: Library Whiteboards

I’ll admit, as a math major facing a week stuffed with four exams right now, I’m already prone to a bit of stress.Which is why I’m going to get right down to the point…

If you are not going to use the whiteboard that is attached to your table, or mounted on the wall in your study room, please, for the love of all that is pure and good in this cruel world,


If I see one more person drawing gigantic animals on the whiteboards in the glass study rooms on 3rd floor Chalmers, or using the built-in table whiteboard to spin their computer to their friend so they can share some dumb procrastination video, I’ll rip my textbook in half and throw it at them. You are reducing my study aid to a glorified lazy susan/wall hanging. That pains me. I’m taking it personally.

But, hey, in all seriousness, let’s think about the needs of our peers. Happy studying (in your appropriate locations), Kenyon!


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