The Monday Catchup: UPDATED

A hostage escapes, via


Good morning! Here’s what you missed while studying:

The lead story: The hostage crisis in Sydney is now over after police raided the cafe with stun grenades. It is unsure exactly how many hostages were taken, but the man responsible for the attack has been identified as Man Monis, a self-proclaimed Islamic sheikh who has been accused of involvement in dozens of sexual assault cases.

HAPPENING NOW: A number of hostages, possibly around 30, are being held in a cafe in Sydney, Australia. Five hostages have escaped. The man responsible for the attack has possible connections to the Islamic State. The area, in downtown Sydney, is in lockdown.

The first recorded death from e-cigarette liquid has occurred. A child in New York State died after drinking the liquid nicotine, highlighting the fact that this dangerous liquid is not sold in childproof bottles.

France has begun steps to ban the taxi service Uber after a mass protest by French taxi drivers. Additionally the French government highlights inadequate insurance among drivers as a concern.

U.S. manufacturing hit its highest levels in nine months in November, indicating the growing strength of the economy.

In the face of increased resistance to and criticism of Russia around the globe, the Russian Ruble has fallen to a new low against the U.S. dollar.

The conservative Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has won re-elections, despite his country slipping into a recession during his tenure.

A U.S. Marine, stationed in the Philippines with over 3,000 over Marines, has been accused of murdering a transgender woman, raising tensions between the U.S. and its former colony.

Extended coverage: The Senate has passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill in a bipartisan actions, read about the bill here. However, Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, has come out strongly against is, read her reactions here.

The weather:  Temperatures near freezing and an overcast sky, perfect studying weather!

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