The Cove’s All-You-Can-Eat-Fish: A Mystery Unveiled Through Photographs


I know what you’re thinking, dear reader, it need not be said. I, too, have sat on my easy chair, legs extended onto the plump ottoman, and thought to myself, “I love Cove fish, but there’s never enough of it.” Let me tell you, there’s a way to get your fill. Oh yes there is.

My journey began three years ago. As a young pup with bright eyes and eager salivary glands, I was brought to Our Noble Grill by one of my elder fraternity brothers. We proceeded to eat a glut of rich, luscious spaghetti that would put your Nonna Lucia’s to shame (she does make a lovely agnolotti though. Admittedly, I’ve enjoyed many a Sunday afternoon in her home, savoring it). That day marked my introduction to the Cove specials, a veritable bounty of sumptuous value. That dainty Wednesday treat whetted my appetite. But after examining their offerings, the object of my affection shifted to the elusive Friday night Fish Fry. I finally satisfied my lust this past Friday. Come see what it held in store..

Outside, smiling shyly and quivering with anticipation

Here I stand, outside, smiling shyly, quivering with gentle anticipation. I could smell the fried fish already.


Poor little Brian can barely stand it, he hasn’t had a single bite to eat since Thanksgiving

Fish 1

I sat down, ready to consume, unaware of the oncoming pleasure.


I began, sweetly savoring the first bite of many.

unnamed (1)

Does this occasion perhaps call for a playful, wheat-based indulgence? I do believe so.

unnamed (2)

My second piece of flaky sea flesh is complemented by a delightfully tangy tomato relish.

unnamed (3)

Number 3 reminds me of carefree days on the play field.

unnamed (4)

“I can’t tell if this is positively transcendental, or I’ve simply forgotten what food tastes like over the past 19 days” says Brian.

unnamed (5)

Little known “life hack” to go with number 4, fishy flavor is improved by moving the outer layer of the fish around your gullet before gobbling.

unnamed (6)

Notice that I switch up the technique a tad for number 5, moving the fish bit so it has only one point of contact with my gullet.


unnamed (8)

Six may be a tad much.

unnamed (9)

“I can safely say that I’m pleasured-out. I must go home, listen to my records miserably, and enjoy a deep sleep.”

Well, guess that’s the end of that.

unnamed (10)

Or is it?

But seriously, to have all the fun you’ve just witnessed and more, head to the Cove on Fridays from 5-10 PM. The have all you can eat fish for $8.99, Corona for $2 and Long Island Ice Teas for $4. I can wholeheartedly guarantee, it’s a worthwhile experience.

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