While You Were Gone…


See that? That’s the loop. You’re not in it.


While you were gone, everything changed. Yep–literally everything. It’s all unrecognizable and so are you. I mean, I’ve like, never seen you before in my life. As you unpack and head to classes for the first time in three weeks, you may notice some changes on campus. We have too, and to better help you out, we’ve listed the changes here:

  • Saturday Extendo is a thing now. Regular extendo and Continental Breakfast has been shortened by 15 minutes each day to allow for an extra 2.5 hours of Peirce on Saturdays.
  • Gund Commons is 24/7 again. In an email sent out to students over break, the college announced that Gund Commons will be accessible to students at all hours of the day, though a K-Card will be required to get in at certain hours.
  • The rest of the printers have been upgraded like those two in Olin were before break.
  • There is a popcorn machine on Old Side by the condiments. Rumor has it that it is here for National Popcorn Day, which is next Monday.
  • To prevent you from successfully arriving to your first class on time, Middle Path has been left a death trap. Godspeed.
  • It’s been confirmed that your roommate last semester, who is now abroad, was in fact masturbating while you were in the room. 

If you were abroad last semester, there are more changes to be reckoned with–you know, like, YikYak is no longer just a noise people make when they vom. To get caught up on all of them, ask that dude in the servery who looks like he knows what’s going on. Alternatively, you can read through our posts from last semester.

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