On Topic, Off Topic: Back At It

(via hercampus.com)

On Topic: “Syllabus Week – Though not as ritualized as it is at bigger schools, we are in the midst of our equivalent of syllabus week. We may not party as hard as this, but right now is likely the least amount of work you will have all semester (unless you are knee deep in comps). So enjoy it while it lasts before the darkness sets in. Welcome back, everybody. 

Off Topic: The Peirce Readjustment Period – I feel it isn’t talked about much, but people I’ve spoken to seem to agree: it takes some time to readjust to Peirce after break. No matter what my diet consists of over breaks, it always takes about 2 days before my system gets used to the food from Peirce. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing Peirce food, but it is just different than the food I (and, I believe, most people) eat over break.

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