An Interview with the Hosts of Philanthrodance

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Happy first week back on campus! How are your classes? Are your professors chill as hell? Want to eat lunch with me because I’m desperately alone and bereft of hope? Any fun holiday stories?

Oh, you don’t care. The weekend is fast approaching, and all you care about is twisting the night away with all two of your closest pals. You’re ready to twerk to some Miley Cyrus, 2014-style. I totally understand.

But if I may, your style of partying sounds a little… selfish. I mean, who’s really benefitting from your weekend plans? Wouldn’t you rather party with a purpose? Don’t you want to help people while getting down with your bad self?

If that sounds appealing, look no further than PHILANTHRODANCE, a cool get-together meant to make the world around us just a little bit better. For more details, I interviewed Peter Granville ’16 and Gibson Oakley ’16, president and vice president of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

GP: What kind of party is Philanthrodance going to be? Feel free to use the following adjectives: “hella rad,” “totally wicked,” “turnt,” “a total philanthroPRANCE” and “tasty.”

Granville: We want to celebrate a culture of giving, so it will be a dance party with a big heart. It’ll be turnt yet tasteful; hella rad yet hella classy; bumpin’, yet comfortable.

Oakley: And sexy.

GP: Will there be food? Music? Dancing? Breakdancing? Beatboxing? Arm wiggling? Girl giggling? Cake baking? Will Tina Fey be there? If so, can I smell her?

Granville: There will be food! Snacks and soda and such. There will be music! Shannon Lee is the reigning queen of hype and my co-DJ.  As an added bonus, there will be live music, courtesy of Take 5 and the Ransom Notes. At two points throughout the night, the music will fade out and the Ransom Notes and Take 5 will emerge from the semi-darkness to take the stage and sing a couple of their hits. And there will be a lot of people who are having fun for a great cause. Sounds like good company, right? I sure think so.

Oakley: I heard a rumor that Beyonce will be coming. I mean I can’t say for sure, but her Instagram heavily hinted that she’d be here with Jay-Z.

GP: Okay, serious question time: How does this event contribute to charity, and which charities are involved?

Granville: We’re asking folks to bring a few bucks for Serious Fun Children’s Camps, an international network of camps for children who suffer from life-limiting illnesses. Paul Newman (Kenyon grad since ’49 and Phi Tau since ’43) founded the camps for kids to “kick back and raise a little hell,” but at no cost to the families. The idea behind Philanthrodance is that we want our fun to empower fun in the lives of those who need it most.

Oakley: [Gibson opted not to add a joke, though he’s fully supportive of Peter’s response.]

GP: I’ve never been to a Pub party! What made you choose the venue? (It’s the tubs of Nite Bites ice cream in the back, isn’t it? I knew it. I’m taking a long ice cream bath immediately after I arrive. Don’t bother me for 7-12 hours following.)

Granville: The Pub is the massive basement I always wanted. I think Peirce is like home for a lot of people, and we want you to feel comfortable dancing with us. It’s a large space with just the right lighting and exactly the classy atmosphere we wanted. And solid acoustics for the a cappella groups. (Edit: I give the acoustics sixteen thumbs up. Suck it, Rosse.)

City Correspondent Stefon/Oakley: Gambier’s hottest club is called Glitter Fridge, known affectionately by village residents as Peirce Pub. Located in an all-you-can-eat buffet covered by frozen tundra, you’ll be greeted at the door by men wearing unicorn heads and Greek letters. This club has everything: charity, Christmas lights, and of course the namesake glitter fridges where club owner Chef Megan hoards piles of ice cold glitter. Jump in and join a dance party where you’ll see that sad freshman who thought he could dance until he realized that there wasn’t alcohol, ACAFY, Sean Grant with a new picture of Kate Upton, and thousands of feral cats hoping to find love on the dance floor.

GP: Who’s hosting, and can I hug all of them if I have an excellent time?

Granville: The event is hosted by Phi Kappa Tau, Epsilon Delta Mu, and Crozier. Gianna Biaggi and Anna Cohen have done so much for this event, and I know it will be great because of their input. And big thanks to Take 5 and the Ransom Notes too!

Oakley: What he said!

GP: Anything else you’d like to add, you beautiful men, you?

Granville: In terms of donations, we’re not asking for more than $3-5. Having volunteered at a Serious Fun camp about 30 minutes from here, I can say that the help goes a long way in these kids’ lives. I’d love it for Philanthrodance to be an annual Kenyon event, so let’s begin a legacy of giving.

Oakley: If you can’t make it, donate online here!

There you have it, Kenyon! Enjoy your first weekend back, and make sure to check out Philanthrodance this Friday at 9 P.M. in Peirce Pub.

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