Humans of the Hill: Vol. 5

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“What was the best part of your break?”

“Definitely going to China.”

“Any highlights?”

“The 798 Art District for sure.”

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“What classes are you all most excited for this semester?” (answered from left to right)

“I’m most excited for Multi-Genre Creative Writing just because I really love writing and I’m looking forward to exploring Kenyon’s writing department.”

“Probably my Creative Non-Fiction Seminar because I love reading memoir and I love writing memoir but I’ve never really known how to do it well. I’m really excited about this class.”

“I’m super excited for my intro modern dance class; I’ve always really loved dance but I’ve never taken a formal course before. I went to the fall dance concert and it was just phenomenal so I’m excited to be able to learn at least a fragment of that.”

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“Did you try anything new over break?”

“I watched the television show Little Women: LA for the first time and it changed me. I don’t normally like reality TV but this one has the exact same soundtrack as the buy mode on Sims 3.”

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“What are you looking currently forward to?”

“It’s actually happening right now! It’s my special topics course Style Staging World Cinema. We’re exploring style in foreign film and how it’s conveyed through staging…the more artistic aspects of film.”

“Is there a particular text or film you’re most eager about getting to in the course?”

“The whole thing! But especially the readings and making the connections between them and the films we watch.”

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