Kenyon Klexicon: K is for Krud


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Gather ’round, children, and I will tell you about the Great Krud Epidemic of 20-everyyearbeginninginNovember.

Yes, that’s right: every single academic year, the students at Kenyon College would become ill with a disease that was not quite as severe as the flu, not quite as mild as the common cold, and not quite severe enough to excuse anyone from classes: The Krud.

Why, you ask? Because no one ever freaking washed their hands or stayed home when they were sick. And so, reliably, one student would begin to sniffle and almost immediately all 1,600 other students would be stricken with the same sickness with the speed and fury of a Biblical plague.

These were dark, dark times, children. Dark, dark times.

KRUD (krrr-ud): noun, a cold-like disease that you will catch six times every academic year. Undiagnoseable and untreatable, must be ridden out in a snotty, miserable haze.

Kenyon Kontext: “I think I have the krud, but the health center just keeps asking if I’m pregnant.”

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