image1Great things DO happen when we live United! Apparently, this smiling, well-scarved woman reached her goal of raising $1,000,000. For what purpose, you might ask? I have zero clue. Is the temperature of the world going to increase as indicated by the pictograph? Is this woman somehow going to spring to life and emerge from her poster prison ready to unite people and eliminate controversy? Are people going to start having hand babies like the UW logo did? Is everyone about to receive a million dollars? Who knows! Speculate wildly in the comments below (or, you know, tell the ignorant blob that is me what’s actually going on here).

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  1. Two minutes, and you could’ve researched the United Way and the identity of the woman, Lisa Schott, of Kenyon’s class of 1980. Two minutes. Google. Come on.

  2. i can’t see if anyone has commented yet, but the smiling lady in Lisa Schott – Kenyon alum, former head of Alumni Relations, and current (and very awesome) head of the Philander Chase Corporation and Kenyon’s Sustainability Committee. (And, Lee Schott’s mom.) =) She’s all-around awesome, which is why they asked her to be the face of the campaign this year. The money will go to help various public programs and social services in the county. And, it’s fabulous that we made the goal! =)

  3. Hi Gracie, I’m the smiling, well-scarved woman on the thermometer who is EXCITED and grateful that we were able to raise over $1 million from generous people in Knox County to support 17 local non-profit partner agencies who partner with United Way to put a community plan into action targeting education needs, financial stability opportunities and our overall community health. I’m especially grateful to the 147 people at Kenyon who donated almost $47,000 this year to support our Knox County neighbors and to President Decatur who partnered with me to raise awareness about United Way at the College. That really is Living United at its best. Our website is:

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