Kenyon Lifehack: DIY Wine Fridge


Those flowers were picked in early September, and are even more gross than they look.

Even for a lifehack, this one is pretty simple (and, perhaps, pretty hack-y.) All you’ll need to get started is — a) a bottle of wine, b) a window (preferably in an NCA or New Apt., but you can covertly make this work in a dorm setting as well), and c) a brutal Ohio winter. Ready?

  • Step 1 — Select your wine. I went with “$3.83 Kroger bottle of unknown vintage.”

  • Step 2 — Select your window. I chose the front kitchen window of my apartment.
  • Step 3 — Place wine in window, preferably overnight (depending on how cold it is out.)

Just like that, you get a nice chilled bottle of wine without wasting fridge space. Plus, anyone peeking in from outside will know what a Pinot-soaked, luxurious life you lead. (Including your CA, so practice with caution.)

Thanks, Mother Nature.

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