10 o’clock list: The Easiest Places to Slip on Campus


via kenyon.edu

We’re all back from winter break, and now it is peak tundra season. Everything is slippery. At this point just leaving your room is a risk to your safety, but here are some spots that are particularly dangerous.

  1. The hill to/from the KAC. My resolution to work out more than zero times a week has given me plenty of opportunities to have multiple brushes with my demise. The hill to the KAC, whether you’re walking up or down, should be treated with respect and fear.
  2. Any staircase ever. Even if it’s indoors, snow will melt and lots of water will be everywhere. The stairs that go down into the Horowitz seminar room? An actual danger to our world.
  3. The Shower. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we should forget about inter-seasonal (trans-seasonal?) dangers.
  4. That one gravel path between Olin and Gund Gallery. Ok this is one of the only unpaved gravel pathways branching off from middle path, and it’s legitimately one long ice rink. Walking on this path is basically staring death in the face.
  5. Grand finale/obvious winner: Middle Path. This doesn’t need further elaboration because all you really need to understand is to take one frickin’ step on that icy nightmare.

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