Go Greek in 5 Words or Less

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As nervous underclassman steel themselves for Greek rush, which begins today and ends Jan. 25, The Thrill asked every Greek organization president to pitch their group in five words or less. Here are their responses.

Madelyn Cook (Zetas): “The formation of interminable bonds.”

Elizabeth Trout (EDMs): “Friendship, happiness, knowledge, and virtue.”

Emily Smul (Thetas): “Snakes, glitter, rage, rage, rage.” (Emily would like to give credit for this pitch to Joanna Kessler ’13)

Ella Jones (Alpha Taus): “Friends, family, fun, and fierce!”

Sam Leder and Abi Cooper (Archons): “boys. girls. service. pizza. merriment.”

John O’Brien (Betas): “Lions tigers bears oh my.”

Sean Smith (Phi Kaps): “Only need one word: Chillinwithmyhomies-tastic” (Ed: The Presidents weren’t told that they couldn’t turn four words into one by omitting spaces, so technically this still counts)

David Belsky (DKEs): “Gentleman, Scholar, Jolly Good Fellow”

Tim Barry (Delts): “Career-orientated, compassionate Kenyon students”

Peter Granville (Phi Taus): “Creating legacies of positive action” (Ed: They also added “Also unicorns”, but we cut them off at five words)

Joseph Randles (ADs): “All of your Questions Answered.”

*We have not yet received responses from the DPhis, but we will update this post if and when they respond.

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