10 o’clock list: 5 Things Not to Say to Seniors Working on Comps

(This photo courtesy of the Greenslade Special Collections & Archives)

(This photo courtesy of the Greenslade Special Collections & Archives)

This post was co-written by Jack Quigley ’16 and Mary Alice Jackson ’15.

Now that we are a week into second semester, we are in the midst of comps season. Since the odds are favorable that you know somebody who is currently studying for or working on their comps, we polled a few seniors to hear about their most hated comments regarding their senior exercises.

1. “What’s the big deal with comps?” – Though likely obvious why seniors hate to hear this, most of those we asked still say they hear this question all too often. 

2. “But you’re almost done! The test is in a month!”-This is said by the most well-intentioned of earnest young folk–but trust us. The month mark is perhaps the worst time to even glance in a senior’s direction. Waiting a month for comps isn’t like waiting a month to get your cast removed and then you can go have fun. Waiting for comps is like slowly mending your own broken arm for a month and then sighing with relief when the x-rays come back when you find out that you’ve actually finally fixed it.

3. “I think I’d rather write a paper than a test”-We can’t change our fate at this point, so don’t taunt us with your hippy-dippy, free speculation. Once senior year starts, all comps are created equal.

4. “So, do you still have to find a job after comps?”-Yes.

5. “What happens if you fail?” 

9 responses

  1. I came here expecting jokes. Where were the jokes? Is article even supposed to have jokes? I assumed that all ten’ o clock lists were supposed to have jokes or more likely attempts. Is this wrong?
    Also, how many seniors did you pole? I find this to be very important when determining the validity of this post.

  2. If you fail, you get a second chance (although the exercise might be different from the original one). If you fail a second time, you’re done. No degree.

      • And some people get to do a paper AND a test AND a presentation AND go through a lengthy cross-examination to defend their paper and presentation. It’s like they’re preparing us for grad school or something…

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