The Monday Catchup

Kim Jong Un North Korea



Good morning and happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Before you had to class or to any of the various programs held today in honor of MLK, check out the news you missed over your first weekend back.

The lead story: The recent SONY hack left many pointing fingers at North Korea, which denied the hack, but now it appears that the NSA can verify the origin of the hackers as North Korea, because it had already infiltrated the country’s computers.

Coming up after the jump, Uber in Europe, the death of an Iranian general, Boko Haram and more.

Despite a recent ban in France, Uber made a claim that it can help create 50,000 jobs throughout European cities through a partnership it is pursuing.

An Iranian general was killed by an airstrike in Syria. The strike was carried out in the Golan Heights purportedly by Israel as an attack on Hezbollah operatives, whom the general was advising.

Several shots were fired out side of Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Saturday night. Neither a shooter nor a motive has been identified yet.

Two Kentucky teens, hailed as a modern day “Bonnie and Clyde” were arrested in Florida after a multi-day crime spree that included passing bad checks and stealing cars.

Boko Haram abducted approximately 80 people in Cameroon over the weekend, many of whom were children, leading to fears that the organization will continue expanding attacks outside of Nigeria. At least 20 of the hostages are free at this point.

Continuing coverage: Is Mitt Romney already becoming the front runner for the 2016 election? The two-time presidential candidate is defining himself as a supporter of the poor and running on a rejection of Obama.

The weather : Look for the return of snow this week and this coming weekend.


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