Where Was It Said: Outdoors Club House or in Bed?

Via nickomargolies.com

On this week’s addition of “Where Was It Said?” we have the naturalist stylings of the Outdoors Club House. Was it said around the campfire over some Wasa, or following a Friday night “wasa-up girl?” Figure it out and you win a chance to win a prize! Or not!

  • “Are you going to clean off before you come inside?”
  • “I dunno, I think I got a rash last weekend.”
  • “That wood was really hard.”
  • “I don’t eat meat.”
  • “My clothes got all torn up.”
  • “It was flowing faster than the Kokosing.”
  • “I got so sweaty, but the view on top is great.”
  • “There are granola crumbs everywhere.”


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