Kenyon Pets: Ollie the Rabbit


Ollie and bunny mama Madi Thompson ’16.

We are delighted to introduce Kenyon’s newest furry friend: Ollie the rabbit! Ollie is a resident of Crozier Center for Women. He loves bananas, raisins, apples, sleeping in little spaces, and feminist politics. Learn more about him after the jump!


Ollie looooves raisins.

  •  How’d you get your name?

My full name is Oliver Judith Merle! You can just call me “Ollie.” My name was Merle when Madi adopted me from Capitol Area Humane Society in Columbus. She thought that name sounded too much like a surly old man so she changed it to “Oliver” (which is still old man-ish but definitely cuter!). “Judith” comes from philosopher/gender theorist Judith Butler. Look her up, she’s awesome!

  • What’s your job at Crozier?

I’m your local therapy bunny. There’s a lot of research out there that shows animals can be really helpful in reducing stress. What’s cool about Crozier is that it’s a safe space for anyone who feels they need it. My job is simply to hang out with you when you visit!

  • Are you a feminist?

All rabbits are feminists!

  • When are your office hours?

I have two office hours a week: Fridays from 3:15-4:15 aaaand the other one is up to you! I’m looking for new hours that work for more people. You’ll see emails about this. Also, check out my Facebook page for more information.

  • Anything else?

I’m not the only resource Crozier has to offer! We host regular discussions and sponsor many events. Want to get on Crozier’s dislist? Email! The current managers of Crozier are Madi Thompson and Anna Cohen, who can be contacted at: and

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