Kenyon Klexicon: L is for Lentz


wow so beautiful and new and shiny wow

Lentz is like that new kid in the class that seems really cool and clean and well ventilated, except instead it is a building.

Home to the English Department and one of the newest academic houses, it joined this campus only in 2009. I’ve only had one class in this beauty, but let me tell you, it is nice. The doors are confusing at first, but I’m sure you’re smart and will figure them out. The building was named after the celebrated professor Perry Lentz (’64), who was revered for his encyclopedic knowledge and engaging lectures. Lentz house is a wonderful establishment, and a constant reminder that you haven’t truly made it in this world until you have a building named in your honor.

Lentz House (lentz-haus) n. – Home to the time honored English Department and also a wonderful testament to central heating.

Kenyon Kontext: “Oh, you’re headed to Lentz House? You better leave now because it’s legitimately on the edge of the world. Also those automatic doors smack me in the face every single time.”


One response

  1. lentz is not at the edge of the world. it is legitimately in an entirely different universe. it will probably take u three millennia to even get there

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