Queeries, Vol III


Kenyon Confessions is teeming with unanswered questions about queer life. We queer beans on the Thrill staff (and a few guests) have taken it upon ourselves to answer your questions about queer life at Kenyon! Queeries (new title courtesy of former Thrill editor Sarah Cohen-Smith ’14) will regularly feature a new queer-identifying Kenyon student who will offer their perspective about questions you submit to the Thrill (via thekenyonthrill@gmail.com) or post on Kenyon Confessions.

Q: “I’m pretty sure that there are two girls that have crushes on me and I don’t know how to tell them I’m gay.”

It’s all about communication! If you’re secure in your sexuality, and feel comfortable coming out to them, go ahead and tell ’em! If you’re not, just tell them you’re not interested- it’s as open as you want it to be! But also, maybe make sure they’re actually romantically or sexually interested in you before you tell them all the reasons why you’re not into them.

“I really wish Kenyon were a more trans friendly campus. My life would be so much easier if more gender neutral bathrooms were available on campus, especially in the dorms.”

I totally agree! I really wish we had better accessibility for all students, including gender neutral bathrooms to allow non-cis and other people an option outside of the gender binary! In defense of Kenyon bathrooms everywhere, Ohio has some pretty weird laws about gender neutral, or “unisex”, bathrooms that state they have to be one stall. This means that Kenyon has to renovate any old bathroom to create gender neutral spaces, and it’s why the gender neutral bathrooms were created from men’s rooms. I think Kenyon could truly avoid this issue by implementing bathrooms similar to Oberlin in which each building has one set of gendered bathrooms, and the rest are flexible and can be dictated by a sign on the door. None of this is to say that gender neutral bathrooms shouldn’t be a top priority for Housing and Dining. If you feel comfortable doing so, I encourage you to get in contact with them!

Q: “I normally consider myself straight, but I’ve been thinking more and more about other guys this semester.”

I really recommend hitting up a Unity House meeting (Sundays at 3pm) or a Queer Men’s Society meeting (e-mail them for details). Unity House is safe for allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community, and Queer Men’s is a safe space for those who don’t identify as straight – and it’s totally confidential. Additionally, if you don’t identify as a man, hit up Queer Women’s Collective (e-mail them for details). Just reaching out to the resources on campus can be really comforting and helpful for finding yourself.

Q: “I’d go gay for you.”

Since this column is normally run by Rachel, I’m assuming you meant you’d go gay for her. Either way, I’m here to be a downer and let you know this isn’t really a cool thing to say. I didn’t “go gay” for my last relationship, and I certainly didn’t “choose” to be gay because of one attractive girl; I’ve never had a girl crush, or asked my queer friends if they would sleep with me- if they were a dude. “I’d go gay for you” is the new “no homo” and in two years you’ll really wonder why anyone ever said it in the first place.

Q: “I think it’s stupid to make both unisex bathrooms and women’s bathrooms in the library. Why shouldn’t men have “men bathrooms” like women?”

these are all in the library

these are all in the library

life is ruff™ 

Have more Queeries? E-mail your questions to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com or post them on Kenyon Confessions and we will do our best to find them!

Want to get on the dislist for a queer organization on campus? Queer Men’s/Women’s organizations are completely confidential and hold weekly meetings. Unity House meetings are held in NCA 3A at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. E-mail the accounts below if you are interested in being added to the dis-list!

  • Queer Men’s Society: foleyj@kenyon.edu, jurneyt@kenyon.edu.
  • Queer Women’s Collective: queerwomen@kenyon.edu.
  • Unity House: glbtq@kenyon.edu.
  • Athletes for Equality: athletesforequality@kenyon.edu.

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