The New VI Website is Here!

You have to check out their website to see this miracle for yourself!

You have to check out their website to see this miracle for yourself!

The Village Inn is upping their game. Recently their new website came out, and if you haven’t looked at it yet, I highly suggest you do.

At first, I was not sure what to expect. I was used to the old website that I looked up once for take-out, but this new website is so beautiful I find myself going to it just to admire the aesthetically pleasing layout, homey visuals, and inspiring messages.

A huge change is that there is a repeating video footage of beer being pouring and steak grilling. As I begin to salivate, part of me feels like the VI is trying to taunt me. In my heart, I know that despite how happy the bartender looks to give me a beer in the video, as an under-21 year old I will probably be met with judgment and questioning if I ever tried to get that beer in real life. If only, I think as the video changes to the flaming steak in its juicy beauty. I want it, but the menu technically doesn’t have anything that has steak by itself- usually steak is in sandwiches or quesadillas. I am perplexed, though, because in the new Gallery section on their website there is a picture of a steak and mashed potato dinner. Now that they have a new website is there a steak dinner at the VI? It’s a VI miracle!

What is this?!? I'm SO EXCITED!! (from their website)

What is this?!? I’m SO EXCITED!! (from their website)

As I watch the video clips over and over again, dreams of beer and steak fill my head, and by now I just want to go to the VI anyway to get my signature meal- a Jerk Chicken Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries. However, now I’m looking at their “Gallery” section and every meal looks good so perhaps I will get everything. Nothing will soothe this overwhelming feeling I have besides VI.

It’s hard to find good food in “mesmeric Gambier,” but as they say on their website, the VI is the place to go for amazing food and “one terrific atmosphere.”

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  1. What even is this article? I’m sure it’s not sponsored because that would be silly, but it reads like a review from suburban mom who’s getting a $100 gift card in return for it. Okay, the VI has a new website. Why in the world does anyone need any more information than just that? Why do we need 350 words of bland middle school-level prose? Is this like a first article by a new freshman writer or something? It’s just so bad, and what makes it worse is that it’s totally useless.

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