10 o’clock list: Best Places to Get Married on Campus

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Buzzfeed released a list of “31 Insanely Beautiful Colleges You Can Get Married At” on which we were not featured. While most schools had one or two beautiful areas, I believe we were snubbed because we have at least five whole places that are acceptable for you and your hubby to tie the knot. Don’t have a one-and-only? No worries, fall in love in four minutes through The Thrill, and then re-open this tab!

  1. The Fry Line– the ambiance is great, and all eyes will be on you when you hold up the queue to officiate your ceremony. There’s also the added bonus of AVI catering your reception #fresh2deaf
  2. Third Floor Olin– everybody will look on in wonder from the surrounding floors as you loudly proclaim your devotion to each other amongst the skeletons of the seniors doing comps. The sophomores will kindly remind you that this is a quiet study zone and this is inappropriate, but don’t listen to them! 70s architecture and grey walls will create the perfect atmosphere for your love.
  3. The Treadmills at the KAC– Who else would you want at your wedding besides sweaty NARPs who don’t get any activity outside of the four walls of our generously sized hunger games-esque arena? You’ll walk down the aisle to the rhythm of panting twenty-somethings and the CNN anchor of the day will pronounce you “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!”
  4. McBride Second Floor Bathroom, Saturday at 2 a.m.– This one explains itself: fluorescent lighting, exquisite water features, vomit, and clogged showers- what more could you ask for?
  5. New Apts Baseball Diamond– What’s that smell? Skunk? Illicit activities? Pheromones? Who knows!

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