Nite-Bites Re-opens: Milkshakes, A Capella, and D-Cat!

nite bites

They’re back!

After taking a three and a half month long hiatus, Nite Bites is reopening tonight with several changes in store. I asked owner and manager Reagan Tsimakoko ’15 some questions about what Kenyon has to look forward to from the cafe. Nite Bites decided to close back in November in order to focus on “[restructuring] management and operations so as to serve the Kenyon community better.” Tsimakoko mentions that a lot of the founders of Nite Bites graduated last year, making now the perfect “transition period”. They’ve added more people to management in order to have a stronger team keeping everything organized and efficient. Aside from managerial changes, new items such as nachos and the Kenyon Kampfire sandwich have been added to the menu. The grand reopening event tonight will be in Peirce Pub at 9:30. Nite Bites has pulled together the Chasers and the Owl Creeks to come perform (!!!), and not to mention our very own Prez Decatur will be there serving your milkshakes and sandwiches. Tsimakoko notes, “We put together this grand reopening to show the Kenyon Community that we appreciate all their love and support over the past four years. Additionally, we wanted to communicate that our early closure last semester was not an abandonment of our commitment to the community–we just had to take care of in house business.” Hopefully you’ll come to Peirce Pub tonight! In the true, true words of Tsimakoko: “what says Kenyon more than acapella, D-Cat, and Nite Bites?” Nite Bites hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:30pm-12:30am (delivery until 12:15am) Call for pick-up or delivery at (740) 427-6299

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