A Requiem For Those Abroad

credit: performingartsabroad.com

They were taken from us too soon.

It seems only weeks ago that the warm smiles of those who have gone to study abroad filled our lives here on the Hill, but now they have gone away. We miss them greatly, but we must take solace in the hope they have made their way to a better place, a happier one, where deadlines are extended until forever and the lines for food are always short. For it is only with this belief that we can carry on our lives in some way, which is what they would have wanted for us to do. Still, it would be appropriate to pause and remember those gone away.


Though our hearts have been lighted by the return of those we thought lost to the great beast of study abroad in the first semester, it is impossible not to dwell on those whose memories still burn fresh in our minds. The fall was filled with wonder as we waltzed our way through the beauty of friendship, never stopping to realize that with each step we moved closer to their departure. Oh how the soul aches with regret! For things not said must now die quietly in the night with no ear to fall into, and the mind burns with the terrible “what if” searing through its wrinkles into our skulls.

We cannot dwell in darkness forever, though. It is better to cherish the good times they gave us, the happiness we shared with them. The study abroad kids will always be remembered for the beautiful mark they left upon this campus, and their memories will shine brightly with us till we are old and grey. Take heart, my friends, and be thankful for their love.

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