10 o’clock list: Celebrity Tweets That Reflect Mid-Winter Sentiments

It’s late January, which means it’s only a matter of days until the dreaded month of February becomes a harsh reality. This might be my first winter in Gambier, but I’ve heard enough horror stories/cautionary tales from upperclass students to know that the snow I’ve seen and the ice I’ve slipped on is only just the beginning. And no matter how much of a winter-soul you may be, there is a point when the gray skies and bitterly cold wind gets to all of us and leaves behind roughly 1,600 heavy-hearted students. Here are some relevant tweets penned by some of our favorite famous faces to help keep us warm and distracted from the fact that January isn’t even over yet.

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A simple yet refined tweet. Ansari is straight to the point but remains #relatable! Ever heard of an iced-over Middle Path? If you haven’t fallen yet, your time will come. Ugh, he gets us. 


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There’s definitely a sense of dejection and pessimism that comes with the dead of winter. Call it seasonal affective disorder, call it being too warm in bed to justify going outside, but either way Novak has articulated what we were all thinking and we should be grateful. RT till the end of time.


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Well well well, if it isn’t one of our very own alum! Not sure what he’s referring to as “the morning after”, but he’s experienced enough Gambier winters to truly understand what inconvenient truth that is a frigid February morning on campus.


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If you haven’t given up on your New Years resolution yet, mad props to you! Great job. But Wilde offers support and understanding to those of us who (maybe regrettably) ditched our get-fit resolutions because the KAC is “so far away” or “probably really crowded at this hour.” Even Peirce can feel like an eternity away, hence the pizza box that now serves as a grave for your resolution.


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The pain you’ll feel walking from your New Apt to your class in Smather is “temporarily”, but the pride and satisfaction you’ll feel once you reach your heated classroom… “last forever.” God bless you, Ryan Lochte. We all needed that.


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To be fair, who doesn’t cry uncontrollably or fall into a deep depression every fortnight during this never-ending-god-forsaken-soul-crushing Tundra Season? I know I do. Wait, what did you say? This is a tweet about How I Met Your Mother? Oh I guess you’re right. Probably because he’s already escaped this winter business for The Business in sunny Los Angeles, Cali-forn-I-A. Amazing.



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