“SPORTS” Roundup

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SPORTS: not just for the more athletic among us, or these guys. A Kenyon band comprised of Carmen Perry ’15 (vocals, guitar), James Karlin ’15 (bass), Benji Dossetter ’15 (drums), and Jack Washburn ’16 (guitar), this pop-punk group is dropping a piping hot album in the coming months. I sat down with them to discuss their new record and the recording process.

The group begins recording this Saturday, reportedly starting by recording a song called “Saturday”, at WKCO. Their previous album, Sunchokes (“That’s more of a demo,” Dossetter said), was released in June 2014. Their forthcoming album, yet to be titled, should come out by May.

They anticipate it will have about 10 songs. They worked on Sunchokes over a total of four days, but for their new record they want to be more meticulous and spread out the recording process. The album will include new songs, as well as some old ones written by Perry that the group will be restyling.

Surprises to look forward to? “We have a special B-side plan,” said Perry. “Yeah, surprise B-side,” Karlin added.

If they had to characterize their upcoming album with an ice cream flavor, it’d be Phish Food.

In the near future, SPORTS will be making a music video for their song “Clean Jeans”, filmed by Colton Flick ’16 and Teddy Farkas ’16. They’ll also be playing the venue Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn on Friday, Feb. 13 for the Indie Pop Prom (tickets available here if you’re interested!). Additionally, SPORTS hopes to perform more in Columbus, Oberlin, and all around Ohio.

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