Cards Against Humanity: The Kenyon Expansion

So we’ve all played hundreds of games of Cards Against Humanity (the party game for horrible people), and at this point, it can get a little repetitive. We at The Thrill were compelled to ask, “How can we make this game more exciting?” ANSWER: A Kenyon-relevant expansion pack! Here’s what we came up with:

IMG_6052 IMG_6053

Voila! Our Kenyon cards! (Kards?) But how, you may ask, will we ever incorporate them into our normal game? Luckily for you all, I’ve come up with some example combinations:

IMG_6044 IMG_6051

IMG_6049 IMG_6047

IMG_6045 IMG_6043

IMG_6048 IMG_6046

Is that Caples one a little too real? Probably. But remember, if you get killed by the Caples ghost, you don’t have to pay off your student loans

If you want to download our very special Kenyon expansion you can get the white cards here and the black cards here. Have fun!

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