Peirce Hall Horoscopes


Peirce Hall holds a very, very dear place in our hearts for a multitude of reasons. We can enter and exit the tall glass doors literally whenever want. We can eat for fake-free. The AVI staff are on our list for best people ever. But one aspect of Peirce Hall that isn’t always advertised is its mystical and psychic power. Legend has it that your most recent meal at Peirce says a lot about your future.

De-Constructed Sushi: You’re definitely feeling a little adventurous today. Take a walk on the wild side and walk on actual Middle Path the morning after a freezing rain storm. Maybe you could wear different colored wool socks. Better yet, different colored gloves. Let loose! Ice skate down that central artery of campus.

Omelette Bar: You’re patience is admirable. Not many can commit to such a long voyage as the omelette line, yet here you stand. Take pride in your achievements. Today, you are unstoppable. Sit at a table with unsuspecting strangers. Go to the KAC! Today is your day.

Pizza Muffins: You are very busy today. So busy that you can’t even divide up your mediums of food. Muffins and pizza must be consumed at the same time so you’ll have enough time to study for your Psych exam. Not before having a second course of mac and cheese sandwiches. Multifunctional meals or bust!

Cookie Pies: You’re very, very generous, but don’t let anyone take more than they should. Your sweetness is addicting, but you need to remember to remind others of your delicate core. Take time for yourself today. Read a book for fun or maybe catch up on the new season of Broad City. Either way, hibernate for a couple hours, you deserve it.

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