Where Was It Said: The Bolton Or In Bed?

Your bedroom, or the stage? (Photo from Spring Awakening)

Your bedroom, or the stage? (Photo from Spring Awakening)

With the Bakkhai going up this weekend, things are about to get steamy in the Bolton- and we don’t mean just on the stage. Whether you are a Drama major who spends more time in the Bolton almost on the brink of tears than in your own dorm or if you merely walk by the theater on your way to the KAC and stop, stare dramatically, and then consider yourself an actor, you’re likely to hear these sometime in your theatrical, or “theatrical” career.

  • “Let’s use a condom for this.”
  • “Can we do this downstage?”
  • “I’m so excited for the opening!”
  • “We’ve done this six times but let’s do it again before someone comes in.”
  • “What’s your tactic here?”
  • “Can you get my zipper? Ugh it’s too tight!”
  • An open arse, and thou a poperin’ pear” (Thanks, Shakespeare)
  • “I love the lighting here.”
  • “Shit, damn, fucker, damn, fucker, damn, damn!”
  • “Shoot! I missed my entrance!”
  • “Did I miss my cue?”
  • “I just felt it was anti-climactic.”
  • “I can score you some points if you do this”
  • “I’m coming in the trap-door.”

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