Made in Peirce: Apple Granola Toast

It's beauty and it's grace.

It’s beauty and it’s grace.

Now that it’s winter and snowing everywhere, everyone crowds around the toasters in Peirce as they occasionally set fire to bits of bread in awe. Whether you like jam, butter, or peanut butter on your toast, it arguably is one of the best and most convenient meals to make in Peirce. However, it’s time to add some “crunch” to that bread. For you fruit and granola lovers out there, here’s a new recipe for the ultimate toast.

1. Gather ingredients. You will need a slice of bread of your choosing, cream cheese, granola, and either an apple or a banana (or both because sometimes it’s good to have an adventure).

photo 1 (1)

2. Toast the bread. The toaster is terrifying, but take the risk and get your bread perfectly crispy. A crisp piece of toast is always worth pushing your way through people waiting for bagels, or the possibility of burning down Peirce with a broken off bit of bread. I wanna see you be brave.

3. Cream Cheese. Now that you’ve survived the toaster, spread cream cheese everywhere. When people look at you strangely because they think it’s butter, just smile and convince yourself that you’re in an “I can’t believe it’s not Butter!” commercial.

photo 3

4. Spread granola over your toast. Commit to this. Do not deny yourself of granola, or else your toast will lose crunch.

5. Slice the fruit of choice and evenly distribute across toast. Whether apples or bananas, or both, make sure you arrange the fruit in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This is your chance to be creative. Be a Degas or Picasso toast maker, not a kid drawing penises on the paper table 4

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