The Friday Ketchup


Wow, its sure was a week, wasn’t it. All seven day have come and gone, and it’s Friday once again, which means just one thing- you missed a bunch of stuff that happened. That’s why I’m here. To ketch you up. It’s the Friday Ketchup.

(Once again, not to be confused with the MONDAY CATCH UP. That is very very different.)

The Super Bowl happened on Sunday, and of course everyone is talking about the halftime show and some “left shark”. Katy Perry’s backup dancer in a shark suit made some fishy moves, and it set the interweb ablaze for some stupid reason. What about the football!? I don’t know what happened to this country. Back in the day, the only reason we’d talk about the halftime show was to express our horror at a nude female breast being shown on live TV. But now, because football is “dangerous” according to the Fun Police, we’re forced to listen to a bunch of P.C. LIBERALS talk about some idiotic dancer who couldn’t even memorize a few moves. Try memorizing a playbook, you dingus. And don’t think its a coincidence that it was a LEFT shark that did the damage. Its just another example of those goddang lefties ruining this country. I am so sick of those pinkos taking everything I love and making it different from what it used to be. I bet they even gave that shark a participation trophy. When will they stop? Give America its football back.

Okay, that was the Friday Ketchup. Hope you’re filled in on everything now.

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