Fandango: Seniors Sound Off

The phrase I'd use to describe Fandango is: "Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding" (via

The phrase I’d use to describe Fandango is: “Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding” (via

You heard the screams of slap-happy seniors drifting through your open window at 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning. You saw the confetti strewn in the snow outside your dorm. You poked at the eye bags of hungover seniors as they waited in line at the deli after a night of gettin’ down with their favorite professors. But what was Fandango really like? My plebeian underclassman self interviewed some pretty neat Thrill seniors in order to find out.

Mary Alice Jackson ’15

When I first arrived, I thought, “I have never been so conscious of my own limbs.”

Maureen Hoff ’15

I didn’t recognize a single adult face, so I left early to watch Friday Night Lights. I am now a different woman.

Kathryn Lindsay ’15

Can my statement just be the bass line from Seinfeld[Ed. note: Absolutely.]

Anonymous, presumably ’15

None of my professors were there, so I got joyfully hammered.

Emma Specter ’15

A fun romp!

 Did you love Fandango? Did you hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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