The Monday Catchup


Good morning folks! Here’s what was going on in the world while you were Fandangoing and watching the rain melt the snow.

The lead story: Senator Ted Cruz is calling on the US to arm the Ukrainian rebels in their fight against separatists supported by Russia. Meanwhile, European nations have called for a cease fire.

Coming up after the jump: Same-sex marriage in Alabama, Obama against domestic violence, Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car accident, Alibaba makes moves, and more…

Today Alabama joins 36 other states in legalizing marriage between same-sex couples.This comes after a federal judge overturned the state’s ban on the increasingly accepted practice.

Greece has called on Germany to pay $236 billion in repayment for a loan forcibly made to the Third Reich and reparations for damage done to the country in WWII. The $236 billion would be about half of Greece’s current debt.

Alibaba, the Chinese online retailer, has invested over $500 million in a Chinese smartphone maker. This investment is an attempt to reduce market share of the Google Android mobile OS.

President Obama and Katy Perry used a video at the Emmy Awards to take a stand against domestic violence. Obama called on the famous artists in the audience to use their influence to help combat domestic abuse.

Sources closely related to reality star Bruce Jenner have claimed he is undergoing a gender transition. The Olympic medalist stayed in the news this weekend after he was involved in a car crash that resulted in a death.

A man in Grand Haven, Michigan drove into a Coast Guard station on Sunday after the station received a bomb threat, prompting investigation into a possible act of domestic terrorism.

A Pennsylvania teenager is being charged with the murder of a classmate after he used Snapchat to send a picture of himself with his victim to a friend.

Rioting over a football match in Egypt has caused the nation to suspend the league. Egypt has a history of football induced riots, with over 70 people dying after a match incited a stampede in 2012, after which the league was also suspended.

Continuing coverage: In addition to arming Ukrainians, Senator Ted Cruz is still considering boots on the ground in Iraq a viable option in the fight against ISIS.

The weatherExpect clear but cold at the begining of the week, with snow coming on Thursday,

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