Kenyon Doppelgangers: Maddy Jacobs ’15 and Amelia Blumenfeld ’16


This one was a long time coming. Maddy Jacobs ’15 and Amelia Blumenfeld ’16 are Kenyon doppelgänger royalty – they claim that they’re mistaken for each other so often that they just come to expect it now. But they understand the misunderstanding, “We’re both extroverted, outgoing and our eyeliner is always on fleek.”

Maddy is a senior from Potomac, Maryland, a PoliSci major, History minor, with a Law & Society concentration. She’s the President of the senior class, on the Ladies Soccer team, apart of Alumni Leaders of Tomorrow, and a Beer and Sex Advisor. She probably also moonlights as Prince.

Amelia, a junior from Queens, is a Classics major and English minor. She works in the Writing Center as well as the admissions office as a tour guide. Plus she’s on the rugby team. You could say we’ve got a pretty busy couple of look-a-likes on our hands.

Both Maddy and Amelia are Thetas, which explains their close bond and energetic chemistry. They took a really quick compatibility quiz to see if their friendship stood the zodiac test and they passed with flying colors. Next, they took a Myers-Briggs based quiz that assigned them their spirit animals. Maddy, an ENFJ, got dog as a result and was over the moon. Key words like “team-player” and “social butterfly” described her so accurately it was a little weird. Amelia, and ENTP, got parrot and was equally happy with her answer. They both explode in laughter at the line, “They sometimes chatter.” Amelia admits, “that’s accurate.”

I asked them how they react when they’re mistaken for the other but it’s clear that it’s been happening for so long that they’ve just been trained to go with it. Amelia usually just says hi while Maddy corrects whoever made the mistake and proceeds to tell them she can find Amelia for them if need be. Sometimes when they see pictures of each other on Facebook they’ll think it’s of themselves. Just imagine that sensation for a hot second. Too weird.

At the end of our meet-up I asked if they had any funny mix-ups they wanted to share but there were too many to pick just one. But, they did reveal one of their semester goals: “It’s one of our dreams to pull a Cove Switcharoo.” I think we all know they could pull it off.

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