Alcohol From Abroad: 2015 Edition


Hike up your dress and show those sexy ankles, we’re gonna have a good night. (via

New year, new drinks. You may remember last year’s rendition, but it’s 2015 and we have different students, and better booze. Let’s take a look at what some of the Class of 2016 said about their off-shore shenanigans.

Caroline Borders ’16, Madagascar:

Libertalia–declared best beer by far among those on my program, however some would disagree with me (locals mostly drank THB). The Malagasy wine often tasted like salted meat, but some was actually pretty good.
And lots and lots and lots of real sweet rum. Never had a hangover that bad before! #fun

Lindsey Susolik ’16, Copenhagen:

My favorite drink was a Kosovar beer called Peja. I went to Kosovo with one of my classes and the beer was great. It went down smooth and tasted like a good beer (not Keystone Light). Plus it was really cheap for a lot of beer. I was also able to go to the Peja factory on my visit so that was awesome, it is actually one of the only successful businesses in Kosovo right now.

Another fun drinking story was when I went to Aarhus, which is a big college/drinking town, in Denmark for another class trip. There I had two-for-one strawberry daiquiri’s with my two male professors. While the alcohol was fine, getting drunk with my professors during a class visit off strawberry daiquiri’s, and then going to another bar to do Yeager bombs is a night I will never forget.

Lewis Thompson ’16, Mongolia:

Airag – Fermented mare’s milk.

Camille Bourret ’16, Sevilla, Spain:

Tinto de verano–“summer wine”. Half red wine and half lemon or orange Fanta. Apparently Spanish people only drink them it the summer but study abroad students love it all year. You can mix it yourself or buy a pre-mixed bottle at the store.

Anonymous ’16, Chile, Jordan, & Nepal:

Chile: Whiskey Sour (whiskey + lemon juice = the drink of the heavens).
Nepal: Raksi (not for the faint-hearted); drank it at every religious holiday (so, everyday).

Gibson Oakly ’16, Paris, France:

One of my favorite bars in Paris was called Chapi Chapo. The atmosphere is a great mix of fun and chill and their cocktails are amazing (if a bit overpriced, but it is Paris, so…). One of my favorites was made with Tequila, Crème de Coco, Pineapple juice, and OJ. If you head across the street to l’Antidote, you can grab a beer (and let your wallet recover a bit).

Jordan Meier ’16, Denmark:

Danish shots called “Ga-Jol“: The Danes love anything licorice, (cakes, candies, potato chips) so it’s no surprise that their drink of choice is licorice flavored as well. While my Danish friends have insisted that if I keep drinking it, I’ll get used to the flavor, I think I can safely say that you have to be a native to enjoy the banana, blueberry, and green apple infused licorice shots that fill every club here.


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