The Intro Video Never Dies: A Journey


Katie Connell 18′ reliving her glory days

We all have regrets. Some are big. Some are miniscule. A lot of them are making intro videos. We’re admitted to this school and we’re excited to get to know people. Say your name! Where you’re from! Your hobbies! Your excitement!!!!! Inevitably, these all backfire. Some forget they ever made a video, others delete them, and some actively deny their existence. We’re interested to seek out those people who surrendered themselves to their class Facebook page in hopes of prematurely finding some new friends. We sat down with Katie Connell ’18, and forced her to re-watch her fine piece of cinematic glory.


Why did you make this video in the first place?

It was like 2 A.M. and I was in my room. Mind you, probably wasn’t wearing this outfit before I made the video. I put that on because I thought it would be cool to have it in the video. I saw some before, and I thought to myself these are really weird, but at the same time is this really what I should do. I didn’t think about it too much, I just kind of said screw it. I think I did like four takes or something.

You seem to be invested in the shirt you’re wearing in the video.

I chose that shirt specifically because it says “I climbed the great wall,” and I was hoping people would see it and ask me about it.I wanted to look cultured and stuff.

Did they?

Um, no

Do you have any regrets?

Yeah, like I’m like ashamed of myself for doing it. I feel like I gave into the hype. No one really brings it up, but I have a very real fear of people bringing it up on Facebook again. Like when your friends comment on pictures of you from 2011. I think a lot about the day it’s gonna resurface.

Well, today is that day. 

It sure is.


Katie Connell 18′ surviving through the pain


What are some things in that video that are still true today?

Okay well one thing is that my voice is adorable. I am so cute, you know? I still wear that outfit all the time. I came to Kenyon considering International Relations, I said that. Dr Dog is still my favorite band that will probably be true till the day I die.

What are some things in that video that aren’t necessarily actually true

Ok so I really played up Chamber Singers in that video, and now I realize that there’s a lot more to me. I still like it now, but I sort of expected it to be a way more central part of my life. I think because I found so many other new things that I loved, choir is less of my whole life. I’m in choir, gospel choir, acapella, and like other things. I don’t know why I said I loved Florence and the Machine. Like they’re great, but I don’t know why I did that.

Do you think the Class of 2019 should do this as well?

Yes! It’s cute and embarrassing, but it’s sort of necessary. I was really inspired, and it got me excited. Other people were willing to put themselves out there, so I thought I should do the same. And they should be inspired too!

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